Thursday, April 30, 2009

O2 Litmus Testing Community is live!

We couldn't be more thrilled to be a partner with O2 Litmus (subsidiary of Telefonica) ... our Mob4Hire testing community is now incorporated into the main site (our part is in the "Application" area, where people can test and purchase beta applications):

O2 Litmus Video Tour from O2 Litmus on Vimeo.

Apart from having a great customer like O2, the thing I love about this project is that we were able to utilize web API's to completely maintain O2's branding while running on "Mob4Hire as a Platform."

“O2 Litmus ground breaking partnership with multi-award winning Mob4hire” 

O2 Litmus press release:

“O2 Litmus is Better than Apple AppStore!”

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Commercialization Challenges of Software Development in a Fragmented Mobile Ecosystem

I had the privilege of speaking at the WiTec Connections 2009 conference in Banff Alberta last week. Great conference ... and while like most I've been to lately where the attendance is a bit down, there is still great conversations, optimism and business being done.

My topic was one that's near and dear to our hearts here at Mob4Hire: how hard it is to develop mobile software due to the fragmented ecosystem (and, of course, how Mob4Hire makes it easier and less expensive!). Many people asked for a copy, so I'm happy to upload and share it.

I was also on a panel with some very smart and animated people ... a shout out to: Perry Kinkaide, President Alberta Council of Technologies, Harold Horgen, President, The York Group, Kevin Wong, LL.B. at; experts at SRED credits, and Steve Morley, former VP, Qualcomm. Thanks for the great discussion, guys!

Chantelle Hyde-Lewis joins Mob4Hire as Director, Business Development, UK and EMEA

I'm really excited to welcome Chantelle Hyde-Lewis to our team, based in the U.K. She has a unique understanding of what Mob4Hire can do for developer networks and app stores; not only has she been in the industry for a long time, but while working for the operator O2, she helped spearhead the O2 Litmus developer community / app store.

As we mention in the press release, she helped negotiate our contract with O2, and liked us so much she joined the company.

Chantelle joins Allen Poutanen, our VP Business Development, in helping developer networks and app stores use "Mob4Hire as a Platform" to create their own branded testing communities, which in turn helps their developers bring better mobile software to market!

Welcome Chantelle!