Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mob4Hire Collaborates with NAVTEQ to Help Mobile Developers Test LBS Applications

Wow ... it's been a little while since our last blog post. Just indicative of us being super busy with a number of projects; there's lots of great news for you Mobsters coming, including new features, new partnerships and new ... stuff. Thanks for being part of the Mob ... we had a record June for test projects with a wide range of functionality testing (VOIP testing seems to be popular ...).

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about latest partnership agreement with NAVTEQ. They do a great job with LBS developers, and a relationship with Mob4Hire is a natural fit. Thanks to everyone at NAVTEQ ... awesome team to work with. You can read the whole announcement at:

Ok ... 'nuff said for now. I hope you're enjoying your summer and stay tuned for some exciting announcements.


P.S. BTW, we' at booth 106 at the CTIA San Diego show in October in the Developer's Pavillion ... come by and see us!