Friday, November 21, 2008

Mob4Hire Appoints Stephen King as CEO

After a couple "sipping from the firehose" weeks in my new job as Mob4Hire CEO, we decided to start this blog, and what better way to start it than my official announcement as CEO of The press release hit the wire yesterday, and the auto-blogbots went to work and posted my announcement all around the place. This is my favorite:


Anyhoo, this blog is about ... an online mobile application testing and market research community. Most of the team will be posting here over time about stuff that's going on. We took a bit of time to backdate some of the more important post's at the Mob, like our O2 contract. If you so desire, you can subscribe to the RSS feed on the right.

I'll exit this inaugural post with 5 words posted in my office to inspire my day:
Passion, Persistence, Performance, Purpose, Play.

Thanks for reading!


Stephen King

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