Friday, January 16, 2009

"Someone to Watch"

This is a bit self-serving, but it's always nice when one is recognized in their industry. Mob4Hire is an international company (did I mention our community includes testers in 85 countries as of this morning?) ... but I also feel it's important to contribute to the regional grassroots tech industry (with things like co-founding Mobile Monday Calgary, writing blogs, attending DemoCamp's and CTI events) ... which raises tech's profile. This is especially important since we are based in Calgary, Canada, which is also home to the Oil and Gas industry and tech sometimes is drowned in the sea of billion dollar oil deals (or today's price of a barrel of oil!).

Of course, the work I do also raises my profile, and stuff like this happens. Anyway, according to TechVibes, I'm a Digital Media person to watch in 2009:

... which, frankly, is kinda cool since there are so many talented and smart people around here. A shout out to the Alberta tech industry! (and the global mobile industry, too, while I'm at it!)


P.S. See you at in Vancouver on Monday, January 19th ... and excited for GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February! (stay tuned for news about Mob4Hire next week about an exciting award that we've won ...)

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