Friday, May 15, 2009

Mob4Hire joins Twitter as one of the Red Herring 100 top technology firms!

Wow ... we won a Red Herring 100 award in San Diego on Wednesday! Knowing that Twitter is on the same list as us this year is a wonderful accomplishment, and is great recognition for the progress we've made at Mob4Hire. Thanks, Red Herring judges!

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What do we think separated Mob4Hire from the other 1200 applicants?

"I think that we have an elegant solution to a large problem in a massive industry. There is really no one else doing what we do in the same way. There are 3 billion mobile phones in use today and a massive amount of software being written for those handsets. The problem of fragmentation in the mobile industry is huge - currently estimated at $3 billion. There is no effective way to test on a foreign network unless you are on that network. It is a location specific problem which plays perfectly to the strengths of our crowd-sourced methodology." says Paul Poutanen, President and Founder of Mob4Hire (pictured here with Alex Vieux, CEO, Red Herring).

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