Friday, September 18, 2009

Stephen King to speak at Blackberry Developer Conference

Mob4Hire CEO, Stephen King, is pleased to be selected to speak at the Blackberry Developer Conference in San Francisco on November 9-12, 2009. His session COM15 is titled "User Feedback Techniques to Make Great Mobile Software."

"69% of mobile users discover apps based on top store rankings, user reviews and recommendations from friends. Great software is your best marketing strategy. In order to make great software, you need to include user feedback in the development process, during the alpha cycle to optimize the user experience, during beta testing and post release to assess the application in real-world situations. This session will look at two software product feedback techniques: Townhalls and Customer Loyalty 2.0. Users will come away with ideas for gaining the best sources of end user impressions of their applications."

We're happy to going down to the conference with another Calgary success story,, who is the Gold Sponsor of the Blackberry Developer Conference (they've got a fantastic product, "Velocity" that allows for rapid development on the Blackberry platform).

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