Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Motorola Summit rocks Android

Mob4Hire was at the Motorola Summit in San Diego last week, just before the CTIA Conference. Motorola impressed me for three reasons: the new Android CLIQ is killer kewl, their strategic focus as a company on wide Android deployment is obviously making a difference and they've embraced the developers in their developer network community (MotoDev): better tools, better processes and, if the Summit was any indiciation, a sincere comittment to working together.

We were there as a fast track partner and also felt very much a part of the community. We were in the middle of the action all day, too ... sporting our new "Mob4Hire" attire and getting feedback on the upcoming launch of our new platform, Mob4Hire V3.0.

LOVED the little touches, like chocolates, an unending assortment of drinks and treats, lotsa free CLIQs and last but not least, clay Android robots, proving once and for all that developers have unusually high creativity! And, to finish things off, we hit the top of the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego for a pool party. We met a lot of great people all throughout the day. Nice! Congrats to Motorola.