Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mob4Hire and Forum Nokia jointly offer MobExperience User Feedback Usability Testing

We are very pleased to announce that Mob4Hire is working with Forum Nokia to help mobile developers with User Experience testing.

"Forum Nokia is proud to announce that it is augmenting its design expertise available through its User Experience (UX) Evaluation service with the valuable crowd-sourced user feedback that comes from Mob4Hire."

Forum Nokia's approach to helping developers is refreshingly simple, with tools and resources around three pillars of success: Design, Develop and Distribute. Mob4Hire's approach to crowd-sourced user feedback products is similarly simple. See our "User Feedback in the 10 Steps of Mobile Development Cycle" chart.

Because of their broad range of languages, platform, device and global operator support, Mob4Hire is a natural fit. If developers are targeting testing for Java, Flash, S60, Series 40, Symbian, Symbian C++, whatever ... Mob4Hire's crowd of 45,000 in 150 countries (and 25,000 different devices) can help them with both functional and usability testing for mobile apps and mobile websites.

Making sure mobile apps run across multiple devices in multiple countries was the original concept behind Mob4Hire, and our MobTest product continues that tradition for Nokia developers.

Our MobExperience product takes it to a whole new level. Get many people to download and try our your app and then complete out our MobExperience survey providing unequalled user feedback experience. Your results come back within days, and is very cost-effective ... structured and organized feedback from 30 mobile users ANYWHERE in the world running ANY device starts at under $1,000 USD.

It's EXTREMELY important in a development cycle ... you can't make great software without user feedback!


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