Monday, June 28, 2010

Mob4Hire CEO shares Mobile Developer Best Practices on NAVTEQ NN4D Youtube Channel

"Join NN4D's partner Mob4Hire, as Stephen King, CEO describes in a 4 segment series what developers should take into consideration if they want to succeed in today's market place -- customer needs, carrier logistics, platforms-of-choice, real stats, testing and more."

The videos can be found on NAVTEQ's Youtube channel.

Big Brands looking to have an impact with mobile apps need to consider several things; does it have utility, can it be recommended, can it be updated frequently with relevant data, is it useful on an ongoing basis AND IS IT PERSONALIZED with user experience or Geolocation?

For example, the New York Times just published an app that incorporates Geolocation:

Location aware apps are some of the most "stickiest" apps in use; apps that are used frequently by mobile users, they stay on their smartphones for longer periods of time, and they are more likely to be recommended on an ongoing basis.

Unfortunately, for mobile developers, it's even MORE difficult to test LBS apps in market ... which is why the Mob4Hire and NAVTEQ NN4D relationship is helping developers get to market with more confidence around topics such as:

1) Battery life consumption
2) Device and carrier fragmentation
3) Time to first locate and accuracy
4) Handling large of amounts of location data
5) Handling of dead zones and loss of signal

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