Monday, March 30, 2009

Gamelion joins Mob4Hire as a "MobPro"

One more announcement as we head down to CTIA Las Vegas!

One of the great things about the Mob4Hire testing community is that it includes both tech-savvy mobile phone users (who we affectionately call "Mobsters") as well as professional testing houses ("MobPro's"). Professional testing houses include companies who's primary focus is mobile testing as well as other mobile developers who have large inventories of mobile handsets that can be used to generate an additional revenue stream in their "off time." MobPro's typically have deeper functional testing expertise, since they've developed in-house processes and reporting.

Such is the case of our latest press release: Mob4Hire Signs Mobile Testing Marketing Deal with Gamelion.

Anton Gauffin, CEO of Gamelion told us that "Mob4Hire acts as a marketing arm for our mobile testing services while increasing our return on investment with this large, but depreciating capital asset, but the real winner will be the mobile developer who will be able to access quality testing services faster and less expensively."

In fact, the addition of Gamelion's handsets to the Mob4Hire database greatly expands European coverage of The Mob: there's now more than 8,000 handsets on over 250 carriers in over 90 countries to choose from!

Welcome to Anton and the team at Gamelion!

We'll be at CTIA Las Vegas all this week, starting at the AT&T Developer Summit: "Addressing Platform Diversity & Tackling Fragmentation" ... a topic that is near and dear to our hearts, since we help solve for this fragmentation with the Mob4Hire community!

Email us at if you're attending CTIA and want to meet up. Viva Las Vegas!

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