Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mob4Hire and Wavefront join forces to "accelerate commercialization"

The world just got a little smaller for developers registered with Wavefront! We're really pleased to announce our partnership with Wavefront ( out of Vancouver, B.C. Their mantra is ""Accelerating commercialization of wireless products and services," and as James Maynard, CEO and I have discussed, he not only views Wavefront's mission as helping the 1,000 or so local mobile developers compete on a global scale, but Wavefront also serves as a great entry point for the rest of the world to access North America.

The Wavefront team is awesome to work with and certainly share our passion in helping mobile developers make sense of the fragmented mobile landscape. With over 8,000 handsets now in 90+ countries, we offer the developers registered with Wavefront immediate access to markets and user feedback that was previously inaccessible. That's exciting stuff!

We're headed to CTIA Las Vegas next week ... see you there!


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